Clear Out Some Yard Space

Clear Out Some Yard Space

Got a tree that needs to go? Get in touch with us today to schedule tree trimming and bush trimming services

Let Easy Landscaping remove those pesky trees for you. We'll remove the tree and the stump, filling in the hole for you and leaving you with more yard space! Our equipment allows us to safely remove and haul away trees on your property with ease. Quotes and estimations are free!

Call us today for tree removal services in Kings Mountain, NC and surrounding areas!

Keep Those Trees and Bushes in Line

Arrange for bush and tree trimming services in or around Kings Mountain, NC

A neat row of bushes can make your property look charming and inviting. But without routine trimming, those bushes will start to look messy and overgrown. You can depend on the team at Easy Landscaping for convenient bush trimming services in Kings Mountain, NC and the surrounding area.

You can also depend on us for tree trimming services. We'll keep your yard neat, tidy and safe by removing unhealthy and unruly branches.

Leave the yard work to the pros

Leave the yard work to the pros

Why spend an afternoon trimming the hedges when you could hire our trained and qualified team to do it for you? When you hire us for tree and bush trimming services, you'll be able to:

Save time and energy
Avoid injury and property damage
Enjoy a beautiful, well-manicured yard

Put down the hedge trimmer, pick up the phone and call 704-685-4748 today to schedule bush and tree trimming services.